Midtjylland expressed its expectations by giving Jo Gyu-seong the number 10 jersey,

symbolizing an ace. Cho Gyu-seong also said after the transfer, “I am confident that this is the right transfer. “I look forward to the challenges ahead,” he said.

Kyu-Sung Cho made his European debut after his transfer, scoring his first goal in Europe against Hvidóure. He also scored a goal in the second round. In particular, after the end of the second round, it received the highest rating in the team from various soccer statistics media.

In the third league game, Cho Gyu-seong also hit the net. The team lost 1-4 in the match against Rungby BK on the 6th, but Cho Gyu-seong scored a consolation goal in extra time in the second half. He made a soft landing in Denmark, scoring goals in three consecutive league games.

Cho Gyu-seong, who performed well, was proudly named as the ‘Danish Superliga July Team of the Month’. The team of the month posted on the official Danish Superliga website was the 4-4-2 formation. Cho Gyu-seong was proudly named as the right striker among the top two. He was also nominated for 'Superliga Player of the Month'. As soon as he moved, he adapted perfectly.

However, he did not score in European competition. He appeared as a starter in the first and second legs of the UECL second qualifying round, but failed to score. He appeared as a starter in the first game of the third preliminary round, but did not score a goal. It seemed like time was needed to adapt here to the European competition.

But the worries were unfounded. In the second game of the third preliminary round, Cho Kyu-seong took the penalty kick in the 24th minute 토토솔루션분양 of the first half and scored the first goal. Jo Gyu-seong’s ‘strong heart’ aspect stood out.

On the 13th, Cho Gyu-seong missed a penalty kick in the 4th round of the 2023/24 Danish Superliga, but succeeded in the second game and relieved the pressure. He could be expected to score more goals as the most important factor for a striker is confidence.

Moreover, his competitor also transferred to another team. It is Sori Kabada. The two players had similar physical conditions and also had the advantage of being a header. Of course, Jo Kyu-sung was ahead in the competition, but when Jo Kyu-sung was replaced, Sori Kaba came in right away, so I couldn't help but be concerned.

Meanwhile, Sori Cava transferred to Las Palmas of Spain's La Liga. Everything was going in Cho Kyu-seong's favor, including scoring in European competitions and transferring rivals. However, due to unexpected bad news, the brakes were put on hold for a while.

He left the field due to injury after 20 minutes in the 5th round of the Danish Superliga. He appeared to have suffered an injury due to his recent hectic schedule. In the four weeks since his transfer, Cho Kyu-sung has appeared in 9 games combined in the league and UECL. Still, recovery was faster than expected.

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